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Concealed carry purse - your first choice as personal protection

In today's world, having a concealed carry purse is crucial for day-to-day protection. Purse Obsession is dedicated to empowering women with products necessary for carrying personal protective equipment. Designed to cater to those who prioritize self-defense, our concealed gun bags discreetly and safely carry weapons while maintaining a fashionable look.

Going out safely with Purse Obsession's concealed carry purse

Our concealed purses feature specialized compartments with secure zippers preventing unauthorized access to firearms and causing the gun to fire accidentally. This is the most important design feature to ensure the pistol is enclosed in the purse and secured while in the zipper compartment. Meanwhile, you may open it up quickly in case of an emergency.

What should be expected in our concealed carry purse?


We use high-quality materials like premium faux leather with strong stitching that ensures the longevity of your purses & weapons.

Easy to access

Our concealed carry purses have a zipper at the back so you can have quick access to your weapon.


We offer plenty of stylish options such as concealed carry pockets, concealed carry and wallet sets, concealed carry shoulder bags, concealed tote bags, and concealed backpacks. Using our product, you can stock your firearm and a couple of other personal items in casual and formal ways.

At Purse Obsession, we design purses that we love and use ourselves. If you have inquiries about purchasing a concealed-carry purse, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to provide answers and support your decision-making process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is a concealed-carry purse?

A concealed-carry purse is designed with compartments or pockets to carry a firearm discreetly and safely. It allows individuals to bring their weapons securely while maintaining a stylish appearance.

Question: Are concealed-carry purses safe?

When used responsibly and with proper training, concealed-carry purses are safe. Purse Obsession's designs include secure compartments and features like magnetic closures or zippers to prevent unauthorized access to firearms.

Question: Do I need a permit to carry a concealed-carry purse?

Regulations regarding concealed carry vary by location. It's essential to familiarize yourself with local laws and obtain any required permits or licenses before carrying a concealed weapon, including in a concealed-carry purse.

Question: How should I store my concealed-carry purse safely at home?

Store your concealed-carry purse in a secure location, preferably out of reach of children or unauthorized persons. Ensure firearms are unloaded and stored separately from ammunition.